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Specialising in Micro Controllers, Wireless and Cloud technology

Internet of Things

Introduction to Internet of Things


Introduction to Robotics

Home Automation

Introduction to Home Automation


Educating and knowledge sharing to those interested in technology
Sharing our knowledge to grow inquiring minds

We are a group of educators who enjoy sharing our technical skills with others. Technology is currently experiencing a huge growth from rapid innovation. Much of this growth is related to a connected world, a world where devices are interconnected through wireless and cloud technologies. This site is designed so that others can learn new skills and for others to share their acquired knowledge.

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Cloud
  • Android/Windows 10 IoT


Professionals and educators in technology and innovation
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Istvan Lengyel

Director of Innovation and Technology
It’s rewarding to see young future leaders with solid skills, who feel supported and encouraged to embark upon their own dreams. I love to innovate, share, progress, lead and move with the times.
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Amber Hone

Director E-Learning
Inspiring and challenging young minds and providing a firm foundation for them to build on. I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge to further develop young inquiring minds.

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